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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  June 28, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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hail as the storm pushes off to the east, east of jones view. and we're under a watch which means we're not out of the woods yet. this covers the metro air why from frederick back through winchester and loudoun county, fairfax county and all points to the east, including the bay. and now the front pushed through and if you look up into ohio you see a bend of showers and storms. that's where the front is now. so we have a ways to go before the front clears us out. temperatures recovering. they were in the 90s, back up to 80s. 86 in hagerstown and 92 in winchester. we'll come back and pop things up if something happens. go to and tell us about it. and take a look at this video. this is the aftermath of a two- car crash in the 400 block of irving street northwest. d.c. police tell us weather did play a role in the accident. the vehicles collided, one of
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them overturned and a woman was trapped inside. she was extricated a short time ago and two people were taken to the hospital. irving street has been reopened. and breaking news in the silver spring where the forest glenn metro station is open again after a power outage shut it down. brittany morehouse joins us now. how long have the lights been on. >> reporter: within the last 15 minutes they got it back on and they were shutting people from wheaton and silver spring. so you may still have riders coming here off of the free shuttle buses. but from this point on, no further delays. hopefully people with leave from the station and come from the station. we've seen a few riders coming out of the doors behind me. now i learned that the reason why they had to shut off the power because it's elevator only. there is like eight elevators and it's deeper underground than the wheaton station which has the longest escalator in
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the world. so i don't think that anyone wanted to be climbing stairs out of this station. but again, we're back up and running and hopefully this will only be a minor inconvenience. derek and lesli. >> thank you. police say a young college girl found dead in her car yesterday is a murder victim. >> the vehicle was found in a death in the 8300 block of arlington road. her family is devastated and now the fairfax county police are trying to reconstruct her final hours to try to catch her killer. we are live at fairfax police headquarters. armando. >> reporter: one of the biggest questions that fairfax county police have is whether vanessa fam was killed inside her mother's car by someone driving by or someone inside the car with her. and if not, was she killed elsewhere and did the killer put her in her mother's car and drive the car into a ditch. [ crying ]
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>> reporter: vanessa fam's family can't believe the college freshman was found dead sunday afternoon in this arlington road ditch. >> she's my daughter. she is an only child. >> reporter: it happened left than three hours after the james madison graduate left her home and went for a drive. >> it's the middle of the day and how come somebody -- >> reporter: when phoenix county police a -- fairfax county authorities arrived they thought it was a car crash. but it was later ruled a homicide. >> i think somebody hurt her. she had something like a injury i think on the chest or something. we don't know yet. >> we're still trying to figure out what the instrument was and exactly how she was killed. >> reporter: that's why all day monday detectives looked for additional evidence at the crime scene, even brought in
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canine trackers. >> in addition the detectives are recreating the life of the victim and re tracing her steps which will hopefully not only lead us to suspects but to any potential motive. >> i want justice. somebody killed her. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: and derek, vanessa fam was the apple of the family's eye and they are totally destroyed by what happened. >> armando tool, thank you so much for that. and a 18-year-old boy is dead following a head-on crash yesterday in darnestown. police say dustin dorsey was one of five teen-agers in a toyota echo when it ran head on into another vehicle. his mom tells 9 news now the driver and his mother visited her today. >> they were reassuring.
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it was good to see she was okay. mom was hurt and it was like she lost her son and i felt a level of sincerity and i was happy to see he was alive and okay. >> and none of the other injuries were life-threatening. a fire that gutted businesses is under investigation. the blaze broke out early this morning in the 7,000 block of back lick road. sky 9 was over the scene as more than 60 firefighters battled the flames. tegy fox connects the pieces of an investigation still underway. >> reporter: firefighters swarmed over a building at springfield's brookfield plaza this morning. two businesses, a computer store and video store, are pretty well gutted. >> there was a lot of fire and smoke coming out of a video store on the front side of the video store. they made an aggressive attack on the fire and extinguished it in 15 minutes. >> reporter: an arson dog was brought in to sniff for
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accelerants. she found none but they'll be looking at nearby surveillance video. the building houses six businesses. the ones with smoke damage are shut down indefinitely. >> we can't go inside and we have products, hd cameras and mac computers >> it looks like it started in the electrical room so that will be a big mess. >> reporter: and there could be structural damage to the old building. >> and then the fire department said that the roof trusses over the effected part are bowing and they don't know how dangerous it is. >> reporter: the fire appears to have started in the video store which sustained the most damage. owner is away in california but his brother, who used to own it, said he didn't have insurance. the owner of a jewelry store at the other end from the fire had his ceiling and door ripped off
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with no calls from his security company. >> i sewn a business over there. >> reporter: it will take a week to get the businesses rewired for the businesses and that's the least of their problems. peggy fox, 9 news now. >> investigators may determine the cause of fire by tomorrow. to forestville, maryland, after a man was shot during a robbery. three men were trying to break into an apartment on reno road around 9:00 this morning when the resident shot and killed one of the robbers. the other two fled the scene. police believe the person living in the apartment acted in self-defense. its president's choice for supreme court got tough. and democrats may think she's the right person for the job but republicans not so sure. in fact they have big concerns about his record and a decision she made during her time as the dean of harvard law school. terrell bound live on capitol hill with the latest on how it went down this afternoon. a lot of long opening
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statements, terrell? >> reporter: very much so, derek. good evening to you. doubts from senate republicans criticizing elena kagen. pointing to her political experience and whether she can put the law first and her personal beliefs aside. elena kagen opened her first day of confirmation hearings with a promise. >> i will listen hard to every party before the court and to each of my colleagues. i will work hard. and i will did my best to consider every case impartially. >> reporter: president obama nominated her to replace retiring justice john paul stevens. democrats believe she's the right choice for the job. >> i believe that fair-minded people will find her judicial philosophy well within the legal mainstream. >> reporter: but republicans have serious concerns about her resume. they argue she doesn't have enough experience on the bench. >> ms. kagen worked for two
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years in the law firm and the rest as academics and politics. >> reporter: republicans will argue she's more of a political operative than a legal scholar. but with democrats holding the majority in the senate she is still on track to be confirmed. republicans zeroed in on a decision she made as a dean of harvard law school. she banned military recruiters from campus because she believed the don't ask, don't tell policy was a violation of the nondiscrimination rules. >> her actions punished the military and demeaned our soldiers. >> reporter: both sides are expected to grill her about her judicial philosophy. >> this hearing is the only opportunity for the american public to learn who you are. >> reporter: but she is likely to follow in the path of nominees before her and watch her step as she tackles steps on controversial issues. she is 50 years old and if confirmed she'll be the fourth woman to join the supreme court. >> we hear she was at the white
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house this morning. what was going on there? >> reporter: president obama invited her to the white house to wish her luck and provide her encouragement. not a lot of tough questions today. that will come today. what she did today was listening and we'll see the grilling coming up tomorrow. >> terrell brown, thank you. politicians on capitol hill are remembering the life and lauding the career of robert byrd. he died early this morning at the age of 92. flags at the capitol and the white house are flying at half staff as the government honors the longest serving member of the u.s. senate. delia gonsalves traveled to west virginia and spoke to the constituents he spent his life serving. >> this is a sad day for west virginia. >> he'll be missed in this state. >> reporter: as a giant flag flied at half staff, residents
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in downtown martinsberg miss robert byrd. as do residents in the byrd health science center. >> i knew i wanted to stay in the state of west virginia for medical school and it's a blessing to have the facility. >> we owe him a lot to provide us with the environment. >> reporter: the facility which opened in 2006 serves more than 100 west virginia university students. senator byrd secured $6 million in federal funds to make it happen. >> we can honor him by doing our best. as he always expected us to do. >> reporter: the senator funneled money from washington to help pay for projects like roads, bring c-5 to the air national guard and improve the va hospital. critics land the sen for what they believed was a pork barrel legislation. but still they say it is responsible for countless jobs. the 92 senator was a fierce advocate for west virginia and
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his projects helped improve the lives of many. and while collins hopes the governor will appoint himself to succeed the senator, he believe it's will never be the same. >> he has stood up for west virginia and he loved his state and brought everything here he could. >> reporter: delia gonsalves, 9 news now. >> governor mansion must appoint a replacement for byrd. the justice department said there were spies that lived next door. three people from arlington charged with spying for russia. the fbi arrested michael zit olie, patricia mills and mckale simenco at their homes. the mission was to search and develop ties in policy making circles in the united states. the supreme court says americans do have the right to have a gun for self-defense anywhere they live. in a 5-4 decision the justices
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cast serious doubt on a chicago area handgun ban. court did say less severe restrictions could survive legal challenges. it reversed the supreme court decision from two years ago that limited the right to limit guns to self-defense for federal laws. >> it's a landmark case. the second amendment becomes a real permanent part of constitutional law in this country. >> i know it's challenging for the mayor and the council to have to give up something that they've got. they have a chance to argue for that on remand but they have a chance to rewrite laws like d.c. did that will meet constitutional muster. >> the 2008 ruling only struck down the handgun ban and tricker lock restriction here but they did not cast doubt on other firearms legals here in d.c. a fare hike was supposed to kick in on buses and trains from metro but a software glitch caused some to get the old rate for their trips this
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morning. the base rail fare during rush hour is up from $1.65 to $1.95 for smart trip users and bus fares up to $1.50 with a smart trip. and the charge for airbus has doubled and the annual bike locker fee is now $200. >> it's outrageous. >> i wish the services were equivalent to the fares,. >> i hope the services get better. >> the software glitch has been fixed and they plan another hike in august. and let's get to patranya baas baas in the traffic center. how does it look? >> we heard the electrical problem on metro has resolved but we have traffic lights here at chevy chase, connecticut avenue and jones bridge still have power lights not working properly. treat them as four way stops an use extra caution. on the roadways, inner loop in virginia, a lot of traffic here. earlier accident on the inner loop at route 7. that has cleared but still a lot of
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traffic delays back to annandale. and on 395, an earlier crash at 495 has cleared but still quite a bit of traffic approaching duke. and that's the latest on your commute. back to you. coming up at 5:30, the doctor credited with saving ronald reagan's life is calling it quits but before he goes he looks back on the day he became part of history. severe thunderstorm watch still covers the metro area. and now the storms are forming south of town. we'll come back and analyze these down into charles and st. mary's county and headed into the bay. and we'll check those out and look at tropical storm alex that could become a hurricane. stay tuned. more oil arrives with bad weather along the gulf coast. i'm sandra hughes and i'll have that story coming up.
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hurricane watches now in
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effect for the southern texas coast and northern mexico as tropical storm alex is getting stronger. rain from alex caused widespread fulling on the yucatan peninsula and that flooding and mudslides killed four people in central america. alex also forced two key mexican oil ports to close down. topper will have the latest on the storm track in a couple of minutes. and alex, the first big storm of the season, is causing concern in the gulf. it is threatening to slow down containment efforts and cause the oil spill to spread. sandra hughes is live in pensacola, florida, with plans and how to deal with the tropical storm. sandra. >> reporter: well lesli, the weather has been bad here all day. we just caught a break and the rain has stop bud it is very windy. you can see behind me pretty high surf and the oil has been washing up on shore all day. a tropical storm is stirring up trouble for the clean-up effort in the gulf.
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alex isn't even headed this way but as it strengthens to a hurricane, strong winds and waves may push oil inland. >> any kind of surge from a storm would exacerbate the oil and move it further into marshes and cause problems for us. >> reporter: forecasts show alex making landfall near the mexico-texas border later this week and that means bp won't have to evacuate ships working at the well site. but still there could be a slowdown to getting a third containment system done. contractors for clean up have reached $100 million. in efforts to clean up oil in the gulf have cost up to $2.5 billion all together. the economic losses are stacking up everywhere. on a normal summer day at joe patty's seafood store in pensacola, florida, 3,000 people come through the door to buy gulf-caught seafood and now
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it's more like hundreds. >> most of the shrimp i had today is from the east coast. and i'm bringing some out of nicaragua now. >> reporter: importing is much more expensive but owner frank paddy is trying not to raise prices for now. >> how long? another week? i don't know. >> reporter: if he doesn't get some relief from bp soon, paddy said he might have to layoff almost half of his 110 employees. now bp said they have received about 80,000 claims like frank paddies. they say they've made payments on 41,000 totaling about $128 million. lesli. >> sandra hughes reporting from florida. thank you. the national weather service confirms a tornado touched down in michigan yesterday. one person was killed and at least four others were hurt. now the area around the clyde township was hardest hit. in one case a trailer came
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crashing into a house. >> just came out so quick. it got dark, we got a real heavy, heavy rain and then all of a sudden the wind picked up and it -- that was it. >> the campground had 82 mobile homes. it's not clear how many were occupied when the winds hit. but that's what topper warned about debris. even if it isn't a whole trailer. >> that's extreme. >> but that's something. we have some stuff rolling in this way too. >> we did. and we had one line roll through about 3:00 or 4:00 but that is gone and we still have the watch in effect. check out this video on connecticut avenue north before you get to 495. the lights were out, officers were directing traffic because the power outages and right now pepco is reporting about 13,000 outages in montgomery county and more than 15,000 in northern virginia. and speaking of pepco, go to and click on our power cast, this is the time to
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do it, when the storms are flying. let's start with the live doppler 9000. we see the first line of storms that went through here and did prompt some warnings for the entire metro area are about to clear the beaches over toward cape may, back into rehoboth and bethany and ocean city. the latest storms are developing to the south of us. we'll keep you posted on this. waldorf and la plata and another one to the north of leonardtown and another one about to exit in the bay in st. mary's county. we'll zoom in on this storm in la plata. no warnings out on this but if rain fall rate is 1-2 inches per hour, and if you put your wipers on, it's the law you have to have your lights on as well. and some heavy rainfall and i'll put this toward motion. it's going toward hughesville in the next hour and you'll be hammered with heavy rain and perhaps some small hail but right now the biggest concern is heavy rain. let's go to the computer.
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next three days, we have good news. 90 tomorrow, hot and warm. but less humid. low 80s on wednesday. spectacular. low 80s on thursday. spectacular. we did hit 90 today so 17 days we've hit 90 for the month of june and we'll probably break it tomorrow. upper 70s in the morning. mid-80s by luxtime -- lunchtime and 90 by evening so more comfortable. here is the watch covering from fred back, back into leesberg, across the bay until 8:00. so we're not done with everything yet. we'll keep you posted. for tonight watch until 8:00. early heavy thunderstorms. and muggy. low is between 70-75. temperatures have rebounded. back up to 85 at national. still 95 in frederick and still 91 in manassas. now tomorrow morning, returning partly cloudy and warm. 70s and 80s. winds northwest at 10. that's the key because in the afternoon it's still going to be hot but it will be less
5:23 pm
humid and more comfortable. partly cloudy and breezy. highs around 90. winds increase out of the northwest at 10-15 and that is a good thing. here is the satellite picture radar combined and this is tropical storm alex which will become a hurricane in the next 12-18 hours. the watches are still confined to south texas and most of mexico. we'll show you the latest now. the winds 60 miles per hour, gusts to 70. still forecast to make landfall south of brownsville with 90 mile-per-hour winds late wednesday or early on thursday. we'll kind of keep you posted because it doesn't mean it will hit there. these are the computer models, each little line represents where the computer model things it's going. notice we have four or five models. we have one outwire which takes it up into houston. and we won't discount that completely but we are becoming more and more confident that will it strike south texas or
5:24 pm
mexico and not go into the gulf and affect -- effect the oil clean up. tomorrow 90s and cool. and friday and saturday we'll call nice. it will creep up to 90 on the 4th and next monday a couple of isolated storms but all in all after our stretch of day 11 in a row of 90-degree weather, we're in good shape. >> that's a good looking forecast. >> okay. up next, how a formula one driver was able to walk away after something that looks like superman couldn't survive that. and coming up new at 6:00 -- >> a debt goes up in flames at the frederick county townhomes. coming up, we'll tell what you a dead plant had to do with the fire.
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caught on tape. flames raced through a tower of this new bank building in the netherlands. investigators are still trying to find the cause this evening. the fire started on the 25th and 26th floors of the building. there was an explosion. and flames and smoke came billowing out of the building. race car driver mark webber is truly lucky to be alive. check out this horrific crash
5:28 pm
at the european grand prix. the formula one driver crashed his car into a lot us in spain and then the car spun into the air before landing upside down. somehow though, look, he's fine. watch it again. man, flipped all the way over. >> and walked away. >> and walks away. how, we have no idea? coming up next at 5:30 -- >> no one knew the president was shot. >> the doctor credited with saving president ronald reagans life is set to retire. what he had to say might surprise you. [ static ]
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right now, new at 5:30 he's credited with saving ronald reagan's life. dr. joseph deor dawno reflects on his moment in history. jamal bell was killed while walking home from a graduation party. and a health alert for parents who give their children vitamins. the doctor credit with saving president ronald reagan after an assassination attempt back in 1981 is retired this
5:32 pm
week from the george washington university hospital. dr. joseph giordano saved many more lives but he is most remembered for one day in history. scoot broom is here with some of the doctor's reflections. >> reporter: well dr. giordano is not a one-hit wonder. he went on to distinguish himself as chairman of surgery at george washington. be he accepts that saving the president was the singular event that changed him forever. as iconic as these images are, the attack on ronald reagan march 30th, 1981 goes down as a foot note in history rather and fatal chapter because of this doctor. joe giordano was the chief of trauma called to the emergency room as sec receipt service delivered a still walking president to the door. >> no one knew the president was shot. he had a little pain in his chest and he didn't know he was shot either. he thought he got it from a
5:33 pm
pulled muscle when they threw him in the car and jerry par noticed he had blood on his lips and he said let's go to gw. and that saved the day. because he was five to ten minutes from being ready to crash. >> reporter: most don't know how close reagan was to death. he lost half of his blood from a shredded lung before the team led by the doctor got it under control. they found the deformed bullet which ricocheted off of his limo one inch from his heart. when giordano announced his retirement after a 42 year career, he got this letter from nancy reagan. >> that memory is frozen in my memory and as tar -- terrifying as yesterday. >> reporter: he is responsible for training a new set of generations but he remembers his one moment in history. >> saving president reagan's
5:34 pm
life was a profound effect on history and you can't ignore that and say i want to forget about that. that was wonderfulch but that was one day in time. >> reporter: and the president was joking wheeled into surgery and quote, please tell me you're all republicans and giordano, a liberal democrat, saying we are all republicans today, mr. president. >> what is up next for the doctor? >> guatemala. he's going to is assemble missions for people to get more advanced care. that's a great way to spend retirement. it sounds like a second career to me. >> scoot broom. we thank you. friends and families said a final goodbye to a d.c. teenager killed as he walked home from a party. he was 16. services were held in northeast. a d.c. police officer had thrown the graduation party for her daughter over a week ago. the party was held in the
5:35 pm
basement of a church on georgia avenue and five to ten police officers were at the event. the vatican said the leading cardinal was wrong to public criticize the former vatican secretary of state for sex abuse cases. the church today said only the pope can make such accusations against the cardinal. back in april the archbishop accused angelo sod ano for blocking a propane that had rocked the church 15 years before into dick cheney is open from the hospital this evening after having more heart trouble. he was taken to george washington hospital on friday suffering discomfort. his office said the 69-year-old former vice president started feeling better after getting some iv meds. cheney has had five heart attacks. there is such a thing as a free lunch in montgomery county. jerry weiss and school board members announced the expansion of the free summer lunch
5:36 pm
program for students in need. that was made over lunch at the rolling terrace elementary in takoma park. about 30% of montgomery county public school students qualify for free and reduced-cost meals. meteorologist topper shutt is following them in the weather center and telling us where the storms are going. >> we are still under a watch until 8:00 and for strong gusty winds and hail. and let's start with doppler 9000. there is a storm that just popped up in the last 30 minutes around front royal and then the storms from la plata into st. mary's county. these are heavy storms, especially down to the south. we'll zoom in on this storm in la plata. right now there is not a warning on it and we're looking at heavy rains to the storm across st. charles and then across 5 and headed toward malcolm and skirting or to the
5:37 pm
north of huntingtown. we'll go to the computer and we're still under a severe thunderstorm watch that covers the entire metro area. doesn't cover hagerstown but frederick and back to winchester, back to fredericksberg and the southern viewing area and the bay and the tidal potomac. the watch is still up and the warnings toward delmarva but not out of the woods just yet. and let's talk about the satellite and radar combined. there is the band pushing off shore from atlantic city and cape may. but the front itself is way back through the west to columbus and to the north of pittsburgh. so we won't discount the chance of thunderstorms for the next few hours. and i lot of storms are developing across of lexington and kentucky and south of charleston. and again severe thunderstorm watch until 8:00. back to you. >> all right, top. still to come, find out if your children's breakfast is part of the big kellogg's cereal recall. and don't forget we're always on at stay with us. we'll be right back.
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heads up drivers. we have a few consumer alerts that will impact your ride n. virginia, expect delays along southbound 95 in lorton. the main lines -- its main lanes will be down to one single lane. after midnight the highway will shut down near exit 163 for periods time. and expect delays between missouri avenue and cracken boas. d-dot expects work to be done by friday. and it is monday and surely, patranya, there is something else to tell us about
5:41 pm
the storms. well the break in the rain is helping drivers but we're still seeing delays. as you can see on the left side, all of the traffic on nutley, on 66, and no accidents but let's check how fast folks are going on drivetime. and about 21 minutes between 495 and 7100. on the capital beltway in maryland on the inner loop from montgomery county to route 50 in prince george's county, everybody going be low speed. i'll keep my eyes on the road for you. and now back to you. a member of the royal family takes a tumble. why prince harry was on a polo horse in the first place. and we'll have a break in the weather now. i stepped outside and sunshine has returned but we still run the risk of showers and thunderstorms. we'll update the forecast and look ahead to a tropical storm which could become hurricane alex coming up.
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5:44 pm
let's get you caught up on the recall round up in tonight's consumer alert.
5:45 pm
kellogg's is recalling 28 million boxes of honey smacks, corn pops, foot loops and apple jacks. the package lining has a flavor and odor. toyota has issued a recall for the luxury lexus line. the fuel can leak. this involves 17,000 cars. the spsc has recalled 35,000 bottles of scope because the cap on the breath freshener does not meet child resistant standards. and more than 100,000 pounds of chicken has been recall from wal-mart. perhaps you heard that last week a new financial overhaul bill passed in committee and then you hit the snooze button. but there are plenty of reasons to wake up and pay attention to the bill because if it becomes law it would give you more consumer protection. it starts by creating a new consumer agency.
5:46 pm
a consumer cop on the beat that will set rules to curb unfair practices in loans and credit cards. but auto dealers are not included. they argued they had nothing to do with the financial meltdown but consumer groups said including them would protect consumers from lending practices since the number one consumer complaint relates to auto dealers. now, if you are turned down for a loan you would be entitled to receive a copy of the credit score that the lender used to make the decisionch but unlike credit reports that you can get for free from the credit reporting agencies, you would still need to pay for your credit score if you want it for other reasons. the housing market tanked in part over loans issued to borrowers who couldn't pay them so now lenders must document your income and verify that you can pay it back. and if it's john adjustable -- an adjustable rate mortgage, you must be able to afford to
5:47 pm
pay the highest rate. if you have good credit and employs you could be eligible for preventing foreclosure. and when it comes to debit and credit card, you want to check interchange fees. those are the fees the retailer pays each time you swipe your credit card. so retailers may start giving you a discount for using cash and could require you to make a minimum purchase of $10 before you could use your credit card. this is just a snapshot of what this bill could mean for you. full house takes up the bill tomorrow. it's not clear when the senate will but the goal is to get it passed and on the president's desk by july 4th. the weekend's polo classic charity match in new york will be remembered but probably not for the amount of money raised. britain's prince harry took a bit of a tumble and landed head first and rolled on to the ground as hundreds of spectators looked on. the commentator gave the crowd a blow by blow verbal replay of
5:48 pm
the tumble. >> if you can get up and walk away and look like that, i guess there are some things. >> he did break his fall a little bit. >> he did a flip. >> like slow motion. we're looking at a watch but no warnings which is good news. let's start with the next three days right out of the gate. and we have fantastic news after our 11th day in a row of 90-degree tomorrow. we have one more tomorrow which will break the record of 18 days for the month of june of 90 degrees or higher. a few clouds and 90 and then 83 on wednesday. 82 and spectacular on thursday. and i think we've earned it. here is a tuesday breakdown. 77 at 7:00. mid-80s by lunchtime. still 90 by 5:00 but the good news is it will not be humid so it will feel comfortable. our watch continues and covers the metro area until 8:00. it means conditions are still favorable for storms to con tail hail and -- contain hail
5:49 pm
and strong gusty winds. we have a tree in westmoreland and in centreville and route 50. so the storms produced quite a bit of damage in the metro area. well tonight, thunderstorm watch until 8:00. early thunderstorms ab then partly cloudy and muggy. temperatures between 70-75. winds northwest at 10. we'll take a quick peek at live doppler 9000. storms south of 66 and around front royal. they haven't produced any warnings but some good rains around flint hill and to the north of amotsville. and to fauquier county. and back to the computer. and we'll talk about temperatures. back up to 85 at national. 90 in leesberg and 91 in manassas. so temperatures are recovering. partly cloudy, warm, 70s and 80s by the morning. by afternoon it's going to be hot again but less humid and breezy. highs around 90. the northwest wind at 10-15 will be great. this is alex, a tropical storm.
5:50 pm
it will make land fall late wednesday as a category 1. winds rime now at 60 miles per hour and the model take its south of brownsville but watches do extend into south texas. next seven days, 90 tomorrow and then beautiful, low 80s on wednesday and thursday. mid to upper 80s, which is nice, on friday and saturday. it will be a little hot for the 4th but what is new. maybe an isolated storm and a better chance of a storm on monday with highs back in the low 90s. >> it wouldn't be a fourth if there wasn't a chance for an isolated storm or some other kind of thing. >> thank you. and strasburg tonight again? >> do we care any less now that the nationals are like ten games under .500. >> to me this the bright light in a dark ocean of blackness and i'm happy he's pitching tonight. is getting swept by the orioles, the worst team in baseball, is not the lowest, i don't know what is. every fifth day a ray of optimism shines through the clubhouse because every 5th day
5:51 pm
is tasberg day. greg tollin has the unpleasant story of how he got here. >> reporter: it may have been the most demoralizing series in the six-year history. >> it's terrible. it feels devastating. >> reporter: devastating is right. not just getting swept by the orioles but blowing a 6-0 lead on friday -- >> and here comes the winning run. >> reporter: the squandering of a 5-0 advantage on saturday. >> it gives baltimore the lead. >> reporter: and then sunday a 3-0 lead going arye to the team with the worst record in baseball. >> any time you have leads and give them away that's frustrating. >> reporter: and there was plenty of blame to go around. starting pitchers who couldn't hold leads. >> they just jumped on my pitches really quick. >> reporter: and untimely errors, five of them in the series. >> it just upended me. >> reporter: and the inability
5:52 pm
to come back late in the game with no greater lost opportunity than the 8th inning on sunday. >> we have to make adjustments but we can do that. >> reporter: and it turned out bad for reliever tyler clipper to allow the winning run to score for the second loss of the series. >> we're running our butts off and playing good but coming up short so it's not fun. >> reporter: especially when it's the 10th loss in 12 games. and this has brought them to a season low 10 games under .500. >> we don't want anybody to yell out panic or anything like that. it's frustrating. >> whether we're ten games over .500 or 10 games under .500 you play the game you're playing that day and that's all you worry about. >> reporter: after the game these kids were having fun running the bases but there is nothing about the up coming schedule. the next opponents are either in first or second place in their respective division.
5:53 pm
greg tollin, 9 sports now. >> and tim hudson will be opposite strasburg tonight. so that will be a test. the braves are in first place and he's played the pirates, the royals and the indians and they all stink. >> start time? >> 7:10. you didn't think i would know that. you like to ask me questions i don't know the answer to. but i knew. very rare. and coming up new at 6:00, this is a serious one, a family forced to make a decision after a devastating car accident. hear from a mother who remembers her son as a charismatic teen. i'm peggy fox with should mcdonalds be forced to get rid of the toys in the happy meals. a watchdog group is threatening a lawsuit. they say the toys amount to deceptive advertising, enticing
5:54 pm
children to eat bad food that make them fat. what do you think? take our poll on ç:ç>
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5:56 pm
a down day across the board on wall street. the dow dropped 5 points to close at 10138. the nasdaq fell to end at 2220
5:57 pm
and the s&p finished at 1074. in tonight's health alert we look at children's vitamins and supplements. parents are reaching for them more and more these days to keep their kids healthy. but as anita brikman shows us, sometimes you are doing your kids good and sometimes you are not. >> reporter: for natasha ramos, meal time with her daughter can be a food fight. >> she doesn't like her vegetables and doesn't eat any type of red meat. >> reporter: to ensure she gets her a, b, c's is giving her a multi vitamin. >> sales of children's might vines grew 20%. >> reporter: some of the hot sellers are omega 3 and vitamin d. >> i think americans view a multi vitamin or a vitamin d supplement as a good insurance policy. >> reporter: but the american academy of pediatrics said it's
5:58 pm
a policy parents don't need. dr. michael cabenna said vitamins and other supplements are only necessary when the child isn't eating a well balanced diet and even then. >> vitamins are only needed in small amounts. so even the pickiest of eaters have enough of the vitamins they -- vitamins they need. >> reporter: a study shows some children may not get what they need in some areas. >> data from the usda shows kid falls short in calcium, magnesium and vitamin d. >> reporter: the doctor said children breast fed and others are lacking. >> after talking with her doctor, natasha has decided to shelf the cod liver oil but sticking with the multi vitamin. >> in my case, she's getting
5:59 pm
everything she needs. >> reporter: parents, you should consider vitamins in the same category as medicine because there can be interaction. so no matter what you decide, talk to your pediatrician before giving your child a supplement. >> and the food and drug administration issued a warning about the potential risk of overdosing infants with liquid vitamin d. according to the fda an infant should get no more than 400 international units per day. however some supplements have droppers that can hold more. the fda tells parents to pay close to attention to the markings on the droppers. to more dos and don'ts of supplements, go to and click on the health page. and thanks for joining us for 9 knew nows at 9 -- -- 9 news now at 5:00, now join us for 9 news now at 6:00. severe storms roll across


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